Remove manual data entry when you capture leads.

Free yourself to focus on closing more deals.

ebCard helps you capture, qualify and convert leads from any source fast and easy without manual data entry. 

It's a universal lead capture platform for B2B marketing & sales teams that catches, verifies, completes, enriches and sends quality leads' data to your sales, marketing and CRM systems.

Lead acquisition and qualification made easy.

Get Personal. And Fast.

Spend less time on data entry, and more time on closing deals.

lead scoring

Lead Data Capture

Capture leads from virtual events, LinkedIn and any other data source with the minimum effort and the highest quality.

lead qualification

Lead Personnalization

Qualify your leads with notes and custom properties to personalize your reach outs and interactions.

lead nurturing and conversion

Lead Data Integration

Send your leads with complete verified data to your systems to assign and trigger your existing sequences and workflows.

Accelerate Leads Demand & Revenue from Online Interactions

With most of marketing and sales activities are done on the web, you're facing a challenge to grab your leads' attention and attract them to your brand to help them with your services, products or solutions. 

Everyone is working on having a better online presence and trying to get the attention of the same leads, not necessarily for similar solutions. 

Your competition is no longer the same companies that provide similar products or services, but every brand that is trying to reach out to the same audience.

You can't spend time on admin work and your entire focus must be on personalizing your interactions and reach outs so you can bring more value to your leads.

When you use the rights sales and marketing tools, they allow you to increase your competitive advantage and improve your chances of making an impact on your leads.

8 out of 10

sales and marketers say they spend too much time on data entry


of sales and marketers use data to improve lead conversion

9 in 10

companies use lead enrichment tools to learn more about prospects

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Capture and qualify quality leads easier and faster

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Leads * Conversion Rates * Lifetime Value = Revenue Opportunities

Connect with Your Sales and Marketing Stack

lead data management

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Trusted by sales and marketing teams to connect with prospects, convert more leads and increase their revenue.

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