Getting Started

  • ebCard can be found on both iOS and Android app stores.

    Just follow one of the links below:

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  • you have the choice of creating an account either from the ebCard web platform or from the mobile app

    Web Platform

    1. Navigate here

    2. Enter your email address, your full name, and a unique password​

    3. Click "Sign-up"

    4. You will have to check your email to confirm your account creation.
      create an account

    Mobile App

    1. Download the app from either the Apple or Google app stores.
    2. Open the app
      ebcard logo
    3. You will be greeted by the welcome screen
      mobile app
    4. Click on SIGN UP, and fill out the form
      mobile app ebcard
    5. You will have to check your email to confirm your account creation.
      create an account on ebcard


  • You need to create an account to access any functionality that you would like to perform, whether it's data validation, enrichment, or capturing.

    Any product you will use will be through the platform.
    To perform an activity, you need an account to access the platform.

  • ebCard offers a full stack software for sales, marketers and business leaders to capture, qualify, nurture and convert leads by managing quality contact data in their CRM, sales and marketing tools.

    • You can simply ask us your questions here
    • You can book a meeting with one of our experts or with our success team ​
    • You can email directly ​
    • Or get you can get in touch via your preferred social media

  • Sunday Closed
    Monday 9am to 6pm
    Tuesday 9am to 6pm
    Wednesday 9am to 6pm
    Thursday 9am to 6pm
    Friday 9am to 6pm
    Saturday Closed
  • You can communicate with us in English, French, Spanish and Arabic​

  • You can generate more leads by ​

    • making sure you restore the bounces that happen through your marketing campaigns ​
    • updating invalid and obsolete lead data​
  • Personalization is a key success factor to improve your customer experience. ​

    You can improve your customer experience by building complete profiles tailored to your business, that will allow you to understand your clients' top performers and better nurture them.

  • EbCard can help you update the degraded data, to avoid wasting the marketing cost and explore potential revenue growth with these leads and contacts. ​

    Each lead and contact already have a marketing cost to it, and a potential revenue when you apply your conversion and life time value rates. ​

    When lead and contact data degrades, the marketing cost is wasted, and the potential revenue is lost. ​

  • EbCard does not sell data lists. We make your existing data work best for you. ​

    Every data record in ebCard is processed from scratch. No data is reused twice in the process. ​

    This approach is part of our privacy, confidentiality and quality statements. ​

  • ebCard will never reuse, share or sell your data records.

    Any data that you process through ebCard platform will only be used in activities related to your membership or account.

  • No, there is no size limit for your contact database.

    ebCard software is tailored to fit any database size.

  • You are qualified to use ebCard's solution if you are going through digital transformation and if you have: ​

    • CRM​
    • Marketing automation​
    • Email marketing campaigns​
    • Events and trade shows​
  • No. You can have one to unlimited number of users on your membership. ​

  • Yes. EbCard offers international address data.

  • Yes. ebCard can be integrated with almost any software and we offer several integration options to fit with your company's needs and requirements​.

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We will never share or sell your contact information.