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Target marketing is a great way for your business to effectively put your desired message in front of the right consumers. But what if marketers don't have the right data about their customers and leads?

4 steps to get your team ready for networking events

5 easy-to-do to catch up and stay in touch with your leads after a networking event

Here are five problems that you might face in networking events and how to avoid them

While getting your hands on a large number of leads is great, it’s only half the battle. The best lead converts fast and stays forever, but not every lead will provide any revenue at all. These six tips will help you find the best leads in your current crop and find more quality candidates in your future lead generation efforts as well.

There are four specific things you should be doing at all networking events you attend if you want to maximize the benefits you get from them.

Networking events may occasionally seem like an outdated concept but there's no better way to start off a business relationship. Getting the right tools at your side is critical to making this happen, and there’s one in particular that you might be missing.

Generating leads remains a top concern for 65% of marketers. Identify and remedy some lead generation mistakes to stop them from impacting you.

There's no time to lose when you only have an average of 8 seconds to make your mark; delay, and you may lose a potential customer's interest. How can you overcome this obstacle? Focus on the right goals within your marketing: attracting, converting and nurturing leads.

Networking events are professional functions that people attend in order to get an advantage in the business world, and you should never forget that. They are also social functions, so having happy guests makes the entire event more effective.

With an average cost of 62% less than outbound marketing, it's clear why businesses are turning to inbound marketing to generate leads

If you find yourself needing to improve business revenue, you might be surprised to learn that you can do so by paying more attention to contact data quality. This commonly overlooked culprit costs all businesses an estimated total of $9.7 million per year, but relatively few marketers, salespeople or business leaders are even aware of it.

You’ve met with qualified leads at a networking event. Now what? If you don’t follow-up, all your effort during the event is wasted.

The process of generating a sufficient level of high-quality leads is as simple as following the right steps, and we’ve laid them out for you right here.